The project and pseudonym of the Russian artist Svetlana Boiko.
About the artist:


1995 — 2003. The Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, department of easel and book graphics. Specialization is the art of the book.
Qualification — graphic artist.
Thesis — excellent with the praise of the state commission, St. Petersburg.
1991 — 1995. Art College. Specialization — graphic design, red diploma, Irkutsk.


2018. Finalist of the international illustration competition BIC 2018. People’s Choice Award, London.
2018. Finalist of the All-Russian competition of paleontological illustration, Darwin Museum, I place, Moscow.
2018. Finalist of the All-Russian Botanical Illustration Competition, II place, MIF Publishing House, Moscow.
2016. Finalist of the All-Russian contest of packaging design for perfumes, II place, UNITOP Trading House. Moscow.
2007. Finalist of the memorial design contest for those killed in the Anapa-Petersburg plane crash — I place, gratitude to the administration of the Ministry of Transport of Russia and Russian Airlines for the idea, project and execution of graphic portraits.
2007. Finalist of the All-Russian competition of book graphics «Artists of the cherished dream», Moscow.
2004. Admission to the National Union of Artists of Russia, graphics department.
2003. Finalist of the grant competition for students, graduate students and young specialists, I place in the nomination Graphics, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg.